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On-Site or Remote

Some companies want to sell you hardware and software. At BOLD we diagnose, service and support your current network. At BOLD Service comes first. If you should need hardware or software BOLD will specify the manufacturers part number for you to purchase at your best price you can find. BOLD will install, configure and network it for you. Freezing, Crashing, etc? General Protection Faults (GPF’s)? Won’t Boot, Print, or Shutdown? Illegal Operations? Or are you just plain frustrated with your new software? BOLD Technologies is your first call. Our trained technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are in business to keep you in business.


BOLD technicians can diagnose and resolve your software errors. Installations or upgrades, BOLD can network your applications. With numerous software vendors and different versions of current software entering the marketplace everyday, deciding which software is correct or even compatible with your business needs is no easy task. BOLD Technologies is certified in the training and implementation of many different software solutions. Our software consultants are continuously researching, and testing software for our current clients. As a client of BOLD Technologies you receive recommendations and available update information to software that is pertinent to your industry.


BOLD technicians can diagnose and resolve your hardware errors. On site or remotely BOLD can solve your problems. Our team will recommend and define specifications for your office needs, then install, configure and continue to support your office. Some companies want to sell you hardware, we service your current hardware. Our consultants can even recommend what computer or printer will be best for your business needs.


BOLD technicians can diagnose and resolve your network problems. We deliver next generation networking solutions anywhere in the networking life cycle - from network consulting and integration to total network outsourcing. Our professionals have the expertise, proven methodologies, and tools to help you plan, deploy, optimize, manage and run your complex network infrastructure.


BOLD Technologies is a leading provider of intelligent risk management products and services. BOLD dramatically improves security and reduces risk by helping organizations make better security decisions and maximizing the effectiveness of their existing security people, processes, and products.

Remote Access

Would you like to work from home? Do you have multiple offices that need to be connected? BOLD has simple, secure solutions using firewalls and virtual private networking over the internet.

Website Design

We deliver website design, search engine optimization, website marketing, graphic design and website hosting. Incorporating a team of highly proficient website designers, search engine optimization consultants, online marketing consultants, innovative graphic designers and highly experienced business consultants help ensure all projects undertaken exceed client expectations and deliver that all important return on investment.

Legal Applications & Resources

We understand the mission-critical environment within which law firms must operate in order to meet client and judicial deadlines. We provide firms with a high quality of service by combining a comprehensive understanding of legal IT requirements with a team of highly skilled engineers. Our commitment to high service levels carries over to non-legal industries as well. As our reputation has grown, so too has our client base, which includes a growing number of regional service-based not-for-profits, healthcare providers and medium to large corporations with specific departmental needs.




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