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Ransomware Removal Troy Michigan


Ransomware and it's impact on your business.

We've received news that several State Bar Associations and Small Business Organizations across the country are receiving reports of an email scam targeting attorneys and business owners using false notifications of disciplinary actions.


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In the emails, the end user is instructed to click on a link to view a complaint/document, which loads a malicious software called Ransomware that blocks file access until a sum of money is paid.

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What Is Ransomware?
Ransomware is a form of malware that targets both human and technical weaknesses in organizations and individual networks in an effort to deny the availability of critical data and systems. After the initial infection, the ransomware attempts to spread to shared storage drives and other accessible systems. If the demands are not met, the system or encrypted data remains unavailable, or data may be deleted. In the majority of cases even if the "ransom" is paid, the culprit has already moved on to their next caper and the end user is left helpless.

What You Can Do
Become educated! Appropriate cybersecurity prevention measures, staff education, comprehensive backup and recovery procedures, and continuity planning are the best tools to combat ransomware.

Ransomware scam artists often use familiar email addresses that you wouldn't think twice about clicking on. The most important thing to do is to think twice, especially in regards to emails with links and unrecognized file attachments. We can educate and assist you in the prevention of Ransomware threats.


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Ransomware Removal Troy Michigan



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