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Computer Service Michigan

Founded in 1990, Bold Technologies, Inc. services small businesses; diagnosing and repairing hardware, software, internet, e-mail and or networking problems. Our philosophy of preventing problems before they occur keeps our clients up and running. Large companies have an internal IT department that handles all their IT needs. BOLD is the cost effective IT department for small companies in SE Michigan. Offering on-site support and instant remote support services. We get in the middle of the finger pointing and get results.



Emergency Computer Service

Purchase your own hardware at the best price you can find and we will install and configure it for you. BOLD will specify exactly what your network needs, right down to the manufacturers part number. Whether it is software or a new server, you always have the option to purchase it at your price directly from quality manufacturers like Dell, 3Com, HP and Compaq. At BOLD, service comes first.


You will never wait on hold only to speak to someone that does not know your system. At BOLD, you are assigned a primary technician and a secondary technician who knows your office. Your technician can be contacted by phone, e-mail, and emergency pager. You assign the priority of your service need by using the right communication method. Our clients never have tech-du-jour (tech of the day) on the menu.


Screen Connect

BOLD has the ability, knowledge and experience to resolve your problems efficiently and cost effectively. For example, we will show your staff how to correctly record an error message so your tech can surgically remove the problem. Help us help you save money by communicating your needs effectively.

Computer Service Michigan



BOLD Technologies
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